The Mystery of Easter

Where joy and courage come together we will be able to share the Good News of Easter.

The Most Well-Known Verse

In the Episcopal Church, there hasn’t traditionally been a huge focus on memorizing versus of scripture. And yet, there are a few verses of scripture that are so well known that we recognize when someone says the chapter and verse. I checked some sources, and John 3:16 came in fourth on the list the most…

What I Know For Sure

Jesus knew for sure that God’s coming into the world would break up the power of evil. What do you know for sure?

Fishers of People: It’s Not about the Fish

HAPPY EPIPHANY!!! Sometimes, it seems funny to me that we don’t go around saying that to each other—“Happy Epiphany!” The church isn’t arrayed with special decorations or colors—we have the green of ordinary time at the altar. And yet, this time, this season of Epiphany is anything but ordinary. In some ways, it is a…

It’s Not Fair! And Thank God for That

This week, I got to go to Bishop’s Ranch for clergy conference. I got to room with an long-time friend.We got to talking about this week’s readings and, when I mentioned that I was scheduled to preach, she said, “Don’t you remember the sermon you preached on these readings six years ago?” (To be fair,…